A Tale by Mike Donaldson

Our Story

In 2019, I was living in Joshua Tree, California, teaching rock climbing and yoga at the Joshua Tree National Park. One unique aspect of Joshua Tree is its quartz monzonite granite stone - known for its unique electromagnetic properties and perfect for climbing. Here, the use of plastic yoga mats was counterproductive, as they insulate from the earth's grounding properties - hindering the free flow of energy.

Remembering a cotton yoga rug I got from India when I was 15, I set out to find a similar high-quality rug for yoga that aligned with my integrity and intention. Frustrated by the lack of such rugs in the market, I decided to create my own.

By 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had led me to Boulder, Colorado. This is where the Schacht Spindle Company - one of only two loom manufacturers in the United States - was set up. I got a Schacht loom and began weaving cotton flat-woven rugs for yoga.

But sourcing organic cotton yarn was a big challenge due to its high cost and low availability.

To facilitate the creation of the finest cotton yoga rugs, I established a sourcing and procurement agency in India in Jaipur, Rajasthan, under the name Om Shiv Enterprises.

We identified heirloom seed stock organic cotton from a regenerative farm in Haryana, and the raw yarn was spun into premium two-ply organic yarn at Shri Ram Textiles in Panipat - the city of weavers. This yarn underwent dyeing at RKD Furnishings, with each color certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Through collaboration with the master weavers of Panipat, who have been honing their textile craft for generations, our designs came to life. These artisans were paid fair wages for their exceptional skills.

With efficient logistics allowing us to receive them in Denver, the rugs were shipped to customers at competitive rates.

And that’s how BaseCamp Rugs came to life - handmade with love and care in India.

BaseCamp Rugs highlight the remarkable Clean Line Yarn, which we also offer for purchase.

We expanded our collection to include various types of rugs, including flat-woven cotton and wool, hand-knotted wool and silk and hand-tufted wool.

At BaseCamp Rugs, our commitment lies in producing the cleanest and most environmentally friendly products while positively impacting communities. This journey is guided by our core values and vision for sustainable practices.

Our Vision

To be a leader in eco-conscious organic rug production, fostering a global positive change through responsible, sustainable practices.

Our Mission

To empower yoga and outdoor adventure enthusiasts with cotton rugs that enhance spaces, made with love in India.

Our Organic Certification