To maintain the exceptional quality of our rugs and blankets, we recommend washing them in a machine on a gentle cold cycle. Our products are made with GOTS certified organic cotton, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals. Please refer to the care instructions provided with your specific product for any additional guidelines.

Yes, you can safely tumble dry your BaseCamp Rugs products. We recommend using a low heat or delicate setting to prevent any potential shrinkage or damage to the GOTS certified organic cotton fibers. Alternatively, you can choose to air dry them to maintain their shape and maximize their longevity.

BaseCamp Rugs are thoughtfully crafted using GOTS certified organic cotton, making them versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. The durable nature of our products ensures they can withstand various environments. However, prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions may affect their longevity. To extend their lifespan, we recommend bringing them indoors during extreme weather or when not in use.

BaseCamp Rugs are intentionally designed without non-slip backing to provide versatility and adaptability across different flooring surfaces. To enhance grip and prevent slipping, we recommend using a rug pad or gripper underneath. This not only helps keep the rug securely in place but also protects your flooring.

For spills or stains on your GOTS certified organic cotton BaseCamp Rugs, it is important to act promptly. Begin by gently blotting the affected area with a clean cloth or paper towel to absorb any liquid. Avoid vigorous rubbing or scrubbing, as this may spread the stain or damage the organic cotton fibers. If necessary, you can spot clean using a mild detergent recommended for organic cotton fabrics.

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. You can use this number to track the status of your shipment on our website.

Wrinkles can occur during transit due to folding or packaging, but they will naturally relax over time. To expedite the process, lay the rug flat and lightly spritz it with a small amount of water. Allow the rug to air dry, and the wrinkles should gradually disappear as the GOTS certified organic cotton fibers adjust. Alternatively, you can place a heavy object on the wrinkled area for a short period, which can help flatten the rug more quickly.

Yes! Please inquire directly for more information.

If your BaseCamp Rug is not laying flat, allow it sufficient time to adjust to its new environment. Sometimes, it may take a few days for the rug to settle flat on the floor. Additionally, gently sweeping the rug with a clean broom in the direction of the fibers can help encourage it to lay flat.

Our rugs come in a two sizes, suitable for use as a yoga rug or a travel rug. Our single wide size in 2.5 feet by 6.5 feet. Our full size rug is 4.5 feet by 6.5 feet.

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